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Social Media And Digital Marketing - Its Not What You Might Think

I just love Gary Vaynerchuk. His books the Thank You Economy and Jab Jab Jab Right Hook are wonderful commentaries on how marketing has changed. You see, it used to be businesses could sort of not tell the whole truth. Some promoted and shared the good news, avoiding the bad and hoping you might not notice. In today's world, with 70% of the US having smart phones and large percentages of consumers participating in social networks, there is no hiding anymore. This is where the humanization of business is becoming so important to organizational success.

I've shared my friend and partner Bryan O'Rourke's recent IHRSA Institute presentation above on Social Media and Digital Marketing. Take a look and you'll see the future is not so much about technology, its about people and how technology can be a tool to be more caring of the people your organization should care about.

What do YOU think ? I'd love to know.

About the author:

Robert Dyer is CEO and founder of Fitmarc, COO and co-founder of Integerus and founded and served as CEO of the Fort Worth Fit For Life health club chain. A global ambassador with more than 30 years of operating health clubs, consulting to and advising fitness facility owners and global suppliers, and developing organizations, Dyer and his partners have advised brands around the world. His philanthropic efforts have focused on helping and coaching people who can benefit from his experience and forward-looking insights. Dyer's reputation of building relationships that matter and humanizing the health and fitness industry are well known to the people he has worked with over the years.



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