"I don't like to ask someone to do something I'm not willing to do myself. Obviously, as we grow we can't be everywhere at the same time, but keeping this in mind makes you think about whether something is really that important." - Robert Dyer

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Welcome to Robert J. Dyer's Website

Sometimes you'll hear the phrase "people person" and think of someone you know who fits this description. You know the ones: those folks who just seem magnetic to everyone around them. Robert Dyer is most certainly a people person. It's reflected in his approach to business, whether he's working with someone in the fitness industry or from an outside field. Colleagues refer to him as "the genuine article," and "committed to improving the lives and circumstances of all those around him" without hesitation. People also observe that he seems to go out of his way to get to the heart of an interaction, bringing integrity, fun, and authenticity to large presentations and small collaborations alike.

Robert Dyer and a team of employees at Fitmarc.Robert's philosophy is largely derived from having been reared with a strong work ethic, combined with a long-held belief that we are made better by adversity and challenges.

It's no longer so common to meet those who have worked with the same people for more than ten years. It's easier than ever before to move on to other jobs, following offers that promise more: more advancement, more respect, more satisfaction. In spite of this widespread reality, the people who work with Robert Dyer are fiercely loyal. They routinely remain with him over the years, reflecting his belief that he's as responsible for the success of someone he hires, as they are. He has team members who have been with him for 13 years... and longer.

In the fitness industry, success can be achieved through a number of approaches, each worthy and valuable in its own way. Like his uncommon ability to engender loyalty in the people who work with him, Robert Dyer's approach is also seen by some as extraordinary. He espouses seemingly simple principles. Even "old school" philosophies. His hands-on, highly-personal approach has carried him far. The CEO of Fitmarc, the largest distributor of Les Mills group exercise and business solutions in the U.S. in a 12 state region has followed a path that's paved by respect for forging quality relationships and tireless work to humanize an industry routinely thought of as anything but personal.

Although not at all enamored with the idea of going on and on about himself one bit further, he would very much like to connect with you, if you have need of any of the services he and his companies provide. Robert Dyer is passionate about fitness, and he's passionate about making genuine connections that allow him to help increase the quality of the lives of others.

Please read on through the pages of this website, and learn more about Robert's background. Subscribe to his new blog, and leave comments when you visit. Connect with him through your preferred social media outlet. And above all, reach out to him directly if there's any way you feel he can be of service to you.

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